East Contra Costa County Real Estate Market Trends – December 2018

East Contra Costa County Market Trends – Bay Area California Real Estate Forcast Winter 2018 😱 Wow, the market’s slowing in our local East County Market. Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, and Discovery Bay, and it’s also happening across the 🗺 nation. This is typical for this time of year and also most likely, interest rates rising … Continued

7 Tips to Maximize Your Credit Card Score!

Click Here to Download the FREE Pdf with 7 Tips on How to Maximize Your Credit Score Today 7 Tips to Maximize Your Credit: One of the MOST important, Always pay your bills on time. 2. Keep your credit card balances low. 3. Get rid of debt faster, that means try to pay off your debt sooner … Continued

East County Market Update – Mortgage Decuction

– Hi 👋🏼 everyone, Krista Mashore, Homes by Krista 🏡❤️💙. This is important ❗️ and it’s something that everyone needs to know about, especially in East County and all over California, because it definitely affects us. Deduction of interest on mortgage debt. The new Republican tax plan that definitely is going to affect everyone in … Continued

Market Update 11.10.17

– Hi 👋🏼 everyone, I’m Krista Mashore, Homes By Krista 🏡 So, this is a nationwide market update 🇺🇸Why am I telling you this? Because people are wondering 💭 what’s the economy doing? What’s happening? Are we gonna have another bust? Look at what this map shows you. If you can see on this map … Continued

Local Market Update and Loan Qualifications

The housing market is doing remarkably well this year compared to last year. We are seeing an increase in buyers as well as prices. Prices are expected to normalize and we are hoping to see stabilization in the Real Estate market soon. So it’s a great time to buy! The Home Price Expectation Survey is a … Continued

Media Vs. Real

The media is known for making fallacies so they can make a quick buck. Recently I’ve caught a newspaper who has made an article titled California home sales come tumbling back down to earth and eight days later they released an article titled California home sales gaining momentum. If you aren’t studying and researching the housing market … Continued

How To Find out the Value Of Your Home.

I get asked all the time from people who are wanting to sell or who are just simply curious about what their home is worth.  Many people are curious to see if their home is recovering from the 2008 market crash. So I have created a website that will give you a free estimate of … Continued

Information on Solar

I was lucky enough to interview Josh Aldrich who is the CEO of Del Sol Energy. He told me all about the best ways to purchase solar panels, what to avoid, and what solar energy has to offer. Did you know that there is a 30% tax credit when you buy instead of lease? I … Continued

Trust and Probate

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of a Trust and if they really benefit your family? Well I have and interviewed Michaell Rinne a Trust and Probate Attorney to find out. A living trust is a living document so in the long run it’ll save you a lot of time and money by protecting … Continued