Finding The Right Buyer | Who will Steve Choose???

Finding The Right Buyer. Who will Steve Choose??? Check out how we eliminate the rest to pick the best, Bachelor style.

Finding The Right Buyer | Homes By Krista
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Welcome to the final finale of The Bachelor. We’ve got four gorgeous bachelorettes who are waiting to make an offer on the home.

Tanya: My offer should be accepted because I am willing to pay the difference between the appraised value and the purchase price and I’m gonna release my appraisal contingency with my offer.

Lynn: My offer should be accepted because I have no loan and no inspection contingency.

Speaker 4: My offer should be accepted because I have all cash and I can close in 21 days.

Speaker 1: Steve you have two roses left. Who are you gonna counter?

Steve: I would like to counter Lynn.

Speaker 1: So Steve, the final rose, who else are you gonna counter?

Steve: For my final, I think I’m going to counter Tanya.

Speaker 1: So Steve who are you gonna choose?

Steve: My final choice is Lynn. Her offer’s finally been accepted.

Speaker 1: And Steve chose Lynn’s offer because not only was she willing to waive the inspection and a loan contingency. We countered her and now she’s also willing to remove the appraisal contingency and she can close in 21 days.

Tanya: Man they were tough negotiators. I wish my agent would have [inaudible 00:01:17] me.

Speaker 4: I had all cash, and it just wasn’t good enough. I should have removed my appraisal contingency.

Lynn: Thanks to my realtor I got the home.

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