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Don’t gamble with your future. Listen, I’m going to get to that later, but right now it’s time for the great news. If you’re thinking of buying a house, you’ll want to know that loan limits have increased from 2020. So what does that mean to you? Why do you need to know this? I want to help you understand certain opportunities that may be available to you that you are even aware of. With loan limits increasing, this means as a buyer you have more buying power. Conventional conforming loans from 2020 in Contra Costa County are now $510,400. And in Alameda County, loan limits are $765,600. So what does this mean? This means that buyers can get loans up to those amounts without having jumbo investors. This means that more people can qualify with less money down. Remember, you do not need a 20% down payment for conforming and high balance loans. Also, there are loan programs available that require no down payment. My point is that you have options.

We find that many buyers are waiting to buy and they don’t even realize that they could actually buy right now. We also find often that we see buyers that come in and they think they’re ready to buy, but guess what? When they meet with us, they still have things they need to do in order to actually purchase a home. They’re not really ready. My point is, don’t gamble with your life. You are not a professional. Come see us. Even if you’re not really ready right now, but you know in the future you want to buy a home, come talk to us. We can set you on the right path. We can educate you and we can get you on the right track so you’re not gambling with your outcome. Let us help you secure a win. Call us here at Homes by Krista and we’ll be sure to help you secure a jackpot.

-Krista Mashore,

Owner and Broker – Homes by Krista

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